The Old Standard Supply is the tattoo machine company of Scott Sylvia. Here every machine is individually made by hand every step of the way from the best supplies to suit the desired outcome of the machine and the tattooers who use them. All machine frames are hand welded and finished just as all coils are meticulously hand wound. Both of these processes are followed carefully to uphold the standards of the craft and pay respect to those who came before and beside Scott. Every component of the tattoo machine is then put together with an attention to detail keeping in mind the integrity of the machine as well as the customers specifications. The Old Standard Supply prides itself on no machine being factory mass produced. As a result of this, any machine that may be out of stock or created as combination of aspects from different machines will gladly be produced specific to your individual needs. You can do this by contacting us at:
theoldstandardsupply@gmail.com, or look on www.theoldstandardsupply.com